Membership Inquiries

Membership Inquiries

Membership Applications (April 2024)

As the world returns to regular life after the pandemic, the Deep Cove Yacht Club continues to work through a waitlist of Active Membership applications. All current and future applications are placed on this waitlist in order of the date received and are processed as full membership spaces become available.

Those wishing to apply for an Active membership and be added to the waitlist should complete the Membership Application below and submit to the Office Manager as soon as possible.

Please note: Any children of current Active members who are turning 19 years of age, are offered the ability to convert to their own Active membership with the initiation fee waived. An application for the new membership must be completed and received by the Office Manager before or by the date they turn 19 years of age for this offer to be considered.

Community Memberships remain available for those in the community who are not seeking moorage or use of the outstation facilities. Please see more details on this membership type below.


Complete and return an Active Membership Application form to:
Complete and return a Community Application form to:

For any questions relating to Membership or waitlist status, please contact our Membership Director – Kevin Podmore at

FAQ's – Membership
All membership applications are required to be submitted to the Membership Director via the Office Manager. Memberships will be subject to a vote from the Executive Committee, following an interview with the Membership Director and a Past Commodore of the Club.

What does an Active Membership provide?
Our full membership offers:

  • The right to vote, hold a place on the Executive, and serve on all committees
  • A club key and parking pass
  • Use of the clubhouse and small boat facilities (dry storage for kayaks, SUP’s etc)
  • The ability to sign in up to 20-guests to the clubhouse when open for bar service
  • The ability to rent the clubhouse for functions and events at member rates
  • The ability to apply for moorage on a seniority basis
  • Use of the Outstation and reciprocal moorage facilities
  • Own and fly the Club burgee

How long will it take to be invited for an Active Membership?
At this time, we cannot advise of the length of wait for membership, as new invites are made only as current members vacate their membership. New invites are typically actioned in February-March of each new year.

What is a Community Membership?
Our Community membership is an annual membership that may be renewed each year as desired, with the approval of the Executive Committee. Ideal for those locals who do not own a boat.
This membership provides:

  • The ability to use the clubhouse whenever open for bar service
  • The ability to attend all Club social functions and events
  • The ability to rent the clubhouse for functions and events at Community member rates
  • The ability to sign in up to 4-guests per visit
  • The ability to serve of any of the committees
It does NOT provide:
  • The ability to vote or hold a place on the Executive
  • The ability to apply for moorage or dry storage facilities
  • A club key, burgee, or parking pass
  • Use of the Outstation or reciprocal moorage facilities

How long will it take to become a Community member?
As we are not limited with the number of Community members, these memberships are processed monthly. The time taken to have an application approved will depend on the date your application is received, your availability for an interview, and the voting in of your membership at the once-monthly Executive meetings.

Can I become a Community member while I wait for an Active membership invite?
Yes – if approved by the Membership Director, this is a great way to engage with and meet fellow club members and start to make use of the clubhouse. This is the perfect segway into an Active membership!

FAQ's - Moorage
Moorage is only available to current Active, Senior or Life Members of Deep Cove Yacht & Sport Club, and to our reciprocal club members. There is no moorage available for Community members or non-members.

If you are looking for public moorage, you may wish to contact the following public marinas:

Deep Cove North Shore Marina
Lynnwood Marina
Reed Point Marina
Thunderbird Marina

Can I be placed on a moorage waitlist?
No – we do not have a waitlist for moorage. Available slips are posted for club members to apply for based on a seniority system.

If I become an Active member, how long will it take to secure a slip?
Unfortunately, there is no accurate answer to this question. It depends on which slip becomes available and how many members apply for it. The club advises new members that moorage is still in high demand, and you should expect a significant wait.

How is moorage assigned to members?
A notice of a moorage vacancy will be posted on the club notice board, and be advertised on the club website and in the club newsletter. Interested members have 2 weeks to sign their name and seniority date to the moorage posting list. 2 weeks following the moorage posting, the Dock Master will assign the slip to the most senior member on the list, providing their vessel is a fit for the posted slip.

What is my seniority date?
Seniority is the date of your membership acceptance as an Active member.